Radiologic Technologist Job Outlook

What is the Job Outlook for Radiologic Technologists?

The baby boomers of yesteryear have begun to age in large numbers. Due to this, a number of the population is seeking quality medical services. The need for qualified professionals to offer these services has also increased. According to a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an average of 17% growth in the medical imaging sector alone. Radiologic technologists have some promising facts and figures to look forward to in terms of the future of the industry. The growth of the sector is charted as being above average, and the opportunities presented are highly favorable for those with the proper skill levels.

Many radiologic technologists will be able to find lucrative positions in places like specialized centers that focus imaging, or even larger private doctor’s offices. The technology that is used in medical imaging has not only been simplified, but the cost associated with their use has also reduced. This allows the field of medical imaging to become much more prevalent as a diagnostic technique than ever before.

Radiology Tech Job Outlook

Currently, hospitals use radiologic technologists more than private offices, but that is rapidly changing. With the ever-increasing demand fueled by the aging populace, radiologic technologists will have no dearth of employment options far into the future.

There are complaints from several sectors that there is not enough supply of radiologic technologists to meet the demands of the patient community. This acute shortage is one of the main reasons the imaging field is so lucrative. This also means that unlike many other fields of study, there wont be much down time between a persons graduation from a radiologic technologists program, and their entry into the workforce.


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